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Collections of all emergencies number at the touch of your finger tips.


Our Team continuously reaching out & partnering with more venders throughout Thailand.

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Because change happens continuously.

Track all your vehicle usages & maintenance.
Track your vehicle usage & maintenance schedule
Easily contact insurance via Application
Check your vehicle standard part price
Disvoer more service providerthroughout the country
Access to all emergency numbers.
Contact & direct message to Garages.
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Focusing on our product's value, we are continuously improving on our SaaS for each of our partners to ensure One-Stop solution for all processes & managements.

Insurance Companies

Our SaaS has been in used for many insurance companies. Well-known among our partners - we have simplify claiming & management process for our partners since 2003.

Dealers & Garages

Powered by EMCS, our customer acquisition team has continuously reaching out to more Surveyors, Dealers, Garages, Windscreen Shops & Spare Parts in Thailand.
Application for Service provider


The M-Service Application is your source to access advance managements tools. From registering new customer's vehicle into your MANAGEMENt system. M-Service application works real-time with CarMate to increase your efficiency and reduce errors.

Reduce paper cost & manage all bookings through your SmartPhone.
Easily communicate with your customers through message tool.
Connects with Insurance software – effective & efficient.
Identify damage panel with Camera functionality
Effectively mange Customers vehicle and identify drop-off & pickup date
Customer Feedback from CarMate Application
Increase online appearance through App & Web base